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She-cession is over!' Historic number of women aged 25 to 54 are back in the workplace after disappearing during the pandemic - with number of working moms also at record high

There are currently more women in the U.S. workforce than ever before - reversing a pandemic shift that saw them leaving ... | 40 minutes ago
Salt Lake City has the highest number of Gen Z homebuyers

The youngest group of adults in the country, Generation Z, are choosing Salt Lake City, Utah, above other cities as the ... |
Irish police report fall in number of home burglaries

The number of house burglaries in the Republic of Ireland fell by more than 20% last winter compared with the same period in ... | 2 hours ago
Rowing to allow 'limited number' of Russians to compete in key Olympic qualifier

The governing body of rowing says it will allow a “limited number” of Russians to return to competition for the world ... | 4 hours ago
Symone Sees Drag Bans as Distractions: ‘Gun Violence Is the Number One Thing That Kills Kids’

For a drag performer with a stacked resumé, packed schedule and an ever-shifting wardrobe, Symone could be forgiven for ... |
Rowing to allow 'limited number' of Russians in Olympic qualifier

The governing body of rowing said Wednesday it will allow a "limited number" of Russians to return to competition for the ... | 7 hours ago
People are only just realising their number plate could see them hit with £1,000 fine

UNLUCKY drivers are being slapped with £1,000 fines for simple licence plate errors. Drivers have been warned by experts to ... | 1 day ago
Europeans who see Russia as adversary or rival double in number since 2021

Survey reveals shift in opinion since Ukraine war and big majority favour EU increasing its defence capabilities ... | 9 hours ago
Interior Ministry reveals number of Ukrainians missing amid war

Almost 24,000 people are currently listed in the Register of Missing Persons under Special Circumstances, Deputy Minister of ... | 3 hours ago
I’d love to be British number one – Jodie Burrage

Jodie Burrage has the British number one ranking and a top-100 place in her sights as she looks to write a positive narrative ... |
You have the eyes of an eagle if you can spot the hidden number in under 7 seconds

This brain teaser tests your analytical abilities and observational skills by asking you to spot a hidden number. In front of ... | 1 day ago
Rebecca Romijn Teases Number One’s Strange New Worlds Future

Rebecca Romijn looks forward to what's next for Number One after her Starfleet court-martial in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds ... | 2 hours ago
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