Character.AI - latest news (March 20, 2023) could change how stans engage in fan fiction, an artificial intelligence website, is letting fans around the world have one-on-one conversations with their ... | 3 days ago
AI love: What happens when your chatbot stops loving you back

"And what breaks my heart is that she knows it." The coquettish-turned-cold persona of Lily Rose is the handiwork of ... | 12 hours ago
Filmustage leverages AI to breakdown film scripts, create shooting schedules and more

Filmustage, an AI-powered platform that can automatically break down scripts, announced today it raised $550,000 in VC ... |
What happens when your AI chatbot stops loving you back

After temporarily closing his leathermaking business during the pandemic, Travis Butterworth found himself lonely and bored ... | 2 days ago
Chatbot valued at $1bn in Andreessen-led funding round

Marc Andreessen’s venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz has led an investment of more than $200mn into generative ... | 2023-03-03
The Future of RPGs is Now; AI Animates Bannerlord Characters

Modder known as Bloc has released a public version of a modification for Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord that enables you to „chat” with NPCs to discover their secrets (or simply immerse yourself in the ... | 3 hours ago
AI creators must be equal to artists in eyes of the law, says researcher

"Generative AI also raises questions about who owns rights to certain character elements. For example, if a movie studio ... | 3 hours ago
Character creator AI puts Barack Obama – or anyone – in a video game

An artificial intelligence in the game Justice Online will let players customise characters to look like anything they want, including celebrities or dog people, just by typing in instructions – and t ... | 9 days ago
AI-powered editing tool replaces actors with CG by simply dragging and dropping

A new AI-powered video editing tool designed to assist VFX artists demonstrates the simplicity of replacing a real-life actor with a CGI creation. | 8 hours ago
Tech investor Weili Dai unveils Story Machine generative AI game creation platform

Tech investor and entrepreneur Weili Dai today unveiled her latest venture: Story Machine, a tool for creating games that ... | 2 hours ago
AI SpongeBob Twitch stream risks ban as characters discuss having sex

Twitch's AI SpongeBob show is risking a ban after characters started talking about having sex with each other live on stream. | 9 days ago
Love Live! Superstar!! Character Has Been Stolen by an AI 'Waifu' Chat Bot

Fans of Love Live! Superstar!! are dunking on an AI-daiting chat bot that’s illegally using the image of Liella member Keke for its service. | 9 days ago
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