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Film directed by Maxine Peake to be shown at festival

Then there was poor Alexander Skarsgaard, dommed by Mia Goth on a holiday from hell in the shocking “Infinity Pool” (not that ...
CNN | 1 hour ago
Sundance Film Festival 2023: Highlights from the festival as movies return to Park City

Actress Eva Green was sometimes “unrealistic” with her expectations and wanted to hire expensive staff for an independent sci ...
Yahoo Style UK | 3 hours ago
Eva Green ‘unrealistic’ with expectations before film abandoned, court told

A new film about World War Two has quickly become a favourite with Netflix viewers as it is now the streaming service's ...
LADbible | 3 hours ago
Dancer crushed by 'mechanical tree' in bizarre accident on film set suing for £300,000

Writer and director AV Rockwell’s film A Thousand And One has won the top prize at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The film, which received the US Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic, was praised for its ...
Yahoo Movies UK | 9 hours ago
Uruguay tries to steal the show as a South American film hub

A showing of the award-winning film Final Account made by Swindonian Luke Holland at the school he attended, Commonweal ...
Yahoo Finance | 8 hours ago
All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt review – experimental film pulls on the senses

Actress Eva Green showed a “vitriolic aversion” to production plans for a failed sci-fi film and should not receive her ...
Yahoo Style UK | 10 hours ago
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